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Alhamdulillah, insyaAllah i will end my single status after syawal. The exact date is 24th September 2009 and my side on 26th September 2009. I’m happy to invite all my friends on my day, insyaAllah. I’m not prepare for the big event on my side, just a small gathering to my family members,relatives and peoples around me (including you all!).

I will attach (insyaAllah) the wedding website on 24th August (a month before akad) and email to you all (Yahoogroup and email list that i have in my database) later on. For those still want the card invitation (using Pos Malaysia), please email me ( your current address that i can post it to you. Although you can download it from the website and e-mail.


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  1. salam. Congratz!
    alhamdulillah..finally, our bro will end his single status .. what a big suprise bro!

  2. Tahniah2

  3. anur malati

    alhamdulillah..syukran2.. aku tunggu kedatangan kad ko…:)

  4. Thanks 😀

  5. terima kasih 🙂

  6. dengan siapa
    muhammad ridwanto bin syaful anwar
    14 jalan jasa 18 taman mutiara rini
    81300 skudai

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