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Someone asked me, “What is the interesting in Guildford?

Gulpp..  frankly speaks, i don’t know what should i propose to my friends when they plan to come Guildford, which is my university town. Its so sad to say 🙂

When i told to my friends about Guildford, most of them do not know where is it. Either student at here or my malaysian friend. Hohoh.. Tough to me to tell them about it.

But, i’m really happy when i was here. Like a new territory which is new malaysian community located. Its really happening since our troop come here last year (we’re lost Hari Raya Aidilfitri in this region for the first time!)

Guildford is situated at south from Central London. Not too far away, just 33minutes when you’re taking direct Train from Waterloo Station in London. Guildford is under Surrey county which is one of Town in Surrey. Most probably the major one!

Please don’t angry with us, we got band B (if you are not UK student, you doesnt know what i’m tell it, hahah..). In terms of our live here, we’re still survive with this loan/scholarship without taking part-time as our sided job-this story is relavent to single person like me.  For those going here with family, its going hard. Alhamdulillah…

Food? Not too bad man. Halalan Tyoiyyibah still in here. But not like spread halal shop in London. I’m still unhappy because my friend at london can buy with cheap item not like us.Hoho..

BTw, this posting is dedicated to those think that there is no Malaysian Community in Guildford/Surrey. In parallel one, i hope our community becomes ‘Islamic Community‘ in one day! Go for it..


Hari Raya AidilAdha Celebration 2008 : After a big event!

Link :M’sian Surrey Family (sorry,this is not my group, just such a part of the Malaysian Family here, still in plan to join this group soon! )


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